Three Years

Today is a lucky day for me. Three years ago, in a state of acceptance and fear, I was rolled into an OR at Brackenridge to have my head cut open, my brains moved apart and a wide-necked, ornery, deadly, little bilobed aneurysm clipped.

I woke up from the surgery with all my faculties in place. Well, for the most part. I had some aphasia to work through, (literally) head-splitting headaches and some specific memory loss. But I could see. The aneurysm was nestled against my opthalmic artery, so I was particularly nervous about that. I could talk. I could walk. I would heal quickly and without complication. The recovery would be hard, it’s still ongoing, but the worst of it was better than manageable.

It was the perfect outcome for an impossibly lucky find to what could have been a horribly awful, devastating situation.

That was three years ago today. Every single day since, I’ve been grateful for another opportunity to count my blessings.

5 thoughts on “Three Years

  1. Rachel

    Right around that time, I felt the world was ending. Thank God it didn’t. You are a strong one. 🙂 Love you!!

  2. Reyna Kelley

    you called to tell me you were having brain surgery…before i saw it on FB, that was really sweet…i knew with absolute certainty you would be fine…and you were! i put you on the prayer list at my groovy unity church for a smooth operation and the healing afterward …only the fabu terry o could make brain surgery look so crazy sexy cool 😉 LY!


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