I’m on self-imposed house arrest this weekend. This ridiculously! beautiful! weekend! so I can Spring Clean and social-media strategize until my floors are clean and my presentations primed.

What I would love to be doing, of course, is sleeping in, baking and having a Doctor Who marathon.

I mean … come on!

Hmm … okay I see how the initial “I want to be outsiiiiiiiide!” got completely eclipsed by the Tenth Doctor, but when stumbling across videos like this, it can’t be helped.

/12-year-old fangirl


Editing this to say that since posting this, I’ve rewatched this ridiculous Doctor Who video more than I want to admit and EACH TIME I remember why Matt Smith will never be David Tennant *while also* reminding myself that women my age shouldn’t fangirl like this but a least it’s not fucking TWILIGHT.

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