“In a perfectly windy sky…”

I’ll start with ACL…

Like every ACL, I saw amazing bands and danced/drank myself silly. I may or may not have danced myself backwards into a trashcan. I may or may not have walked off the top risers side stage as if I were taking a mere step. That may or may not have ended with me on my ass for a split second before jumping back up and dancing again.

The fuzzy redness? That's a POV shot from the inside of my head.

What I can report with all certainty is I danced onstage with Santigold, ate Preservation Hall’s ice cream, saw Arcade Fire be amazing again, ate such nomworthy food and hung out with my very favorite people. Another summer, another successful ACL.

Yep, that's a horse.

In the meantime:

• Still knocking out blurbs and banging my head against deadlines

• Lazily immersing myself in book four of A Song of Ice and Fire — A Feast for Crows — while listening to Tori’s new album Night of Hunters (which I keep wanting to spell Knight of Hunters because the two are perfect bedfellows.)

• Hobbscat is freaking out all the time now. Like it’s his full-time job. That CAT.

Oh hai! I went to Nola! Again! For one last goodbye to the Bohemian Armadillo.

So much food man, SO MUCH FOOD. And a pretty awesome Insectarium. (The crazy-ass car chase and 20+ police cars we got caught in the middle of, maybe not so awesome.) And I didn’t do so bad on the gambling, so yay!

Also, we saw this Banksy:

In a nutshell? So much awesome just happened. So much awesome to look forward to. The cool weather, the holidays, the new year. So much, so much, so much.

6 thoughts on ““In a perfectly windy sky…”

  1. Issy

    Hooray for awesome weekends!! Cute red POV photo, haha

    Looking forward to the cold and to the holidays, too!! But first, let’s get this thunderstorm going. I’m tired of walking around in DUST instead of grass.

    1. admin Post author

      Someone described it as, “The most exhaustingly awesome three days I don’t want to repeat again for a whole year.”

      I like that definition the best. It’s a lesson in endurance, but it’s fantastic. I don’t think I’ve missed one in the last ten years. (I may have though, my memory is always foggy.)

    2. Danie

      I LOVE clean and graphic and clsasy and elegant. It took me a while to realize that they were my styles When it clicked I didn’t want to do anything but make cards. I stood at the mail bin after placing my cards in it and it felt like when I watched my children board the school bus their very first day.

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