17 thoughts on “You know you’re in Texas when…

  1. badharlequin

    armadillos? i wish i could see them but living up north i doubt that… all i get to see are polar bears, moose, and penguins… it’s really embarassing when you tell friends you were mauled by penguins… bastards… hehe *waves… trips*

  2. bohemianpirate


    OH No…it wasn’t a bohemian armadillo was it?!
    I love Texas. And Armadillos!! And Pissy LONE STAR BEER! Hail to the Lone Star Drinking Armadillo in my apartment…NO not my husband, the statue!!!

        1. admin

          I made that up.

          But we can say it was the incident where the wombat muppet drank too much, danced on the table, broke the table and on his way down accidently sliced open the jugular vein of his girlfriend muppet cheering him on.

          She died in his arms, and right before the good muppet lord took her, she looked into his eyes and said,


          And since the previous summer had been the one where he was sleeping with her sister and funneling money away from her Amway sales, while turning tricks on the side to support his wheatgrass habit, he was ashamed, to say the least.

          Last I heard he joined a monastery in Rome and undergoes daily floggings for penance.

          But then I also heard “he shaved his legs and then he was a she” and joined a rock band called the “funky Wombat patrol”

          But then, who would be surprised, really?

          1. camnormac

            WELL! my initial thought was, and i’m not just making this up to appease a sheezing tezza; “i really need to move to america so i can be around people who go to this much effort and are AWESOME!” but i thought that might be a little too much, so i shortened it to HA!

            happy now!?

          2. admin

            It’s not America, silly – just ME! 🙂

            Screw this place – let’s get our crew together and colonize the moon.

            Speaking of – do you get Aqua Teen Hunger Force there? If not, then you should definitely defect.

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