Now that television is back from its winter hiatus, it’s sucking all of my time away again.

Allegedly, this is time I could be spending reading, organizing, cleaning, cooking, doin’ mah nails or … I don’t know, updating this here blog. But I have to admit, lately all I want to do is take my jeans off, get comfy, sit back on my couch with my feet up, eat copious amounts of clementines and do absolutely nothing.


People who have children are all, “DO EXACTLY THAT. You’ll never be able to do (insert pretty much anything here) again ever in your life.” Which I’m taking as a bit hyperbolic, but what do I know.

This is what’s currently snagging all the memory on my DVR:

Downton Abbey — Season two just started. I’m in love with the set designs, the costumes and I want to be Maggie Smith (but Mexican) when I grow up. I’m kinda spoiled on the season, since I watched the Christmas special when I was in the UK, but it’s still interesting to see the backstory. It’s like a prequel.
2 Broke Girls — At some point (probably in the next season) I’m assuming they’re going to add some depth to the terrible stereotyped supporting cast and maybe make Kat Dennings have more dialogue than one-off jokes every line. I’m sticking with it for a bit longer.
Up All Night — I ADORE Christina Applegate. I loved her in Married With Children and I loved her in Samantha Who. I LOVE Maya Rudolph. Hell, I love Will Arnett. This is my favorite comedy right now, not because it’s the very best, but because of the cast and because of the “new parent” thing they have going on. #RELATING
The Office — I used to be in lust/love with Jim, but I think it’s mostly because he reminded me of Daniel. The writing on this show seems to be dragging, and it’s not my favorite! show! in the world! anymore but I’m sticking with it in hopes it’ll pick back up.
Whitney — I don’t know why I watch it either, but I can’t look away. Shut. Up. (At least it’s not Are You There, Chelsea.)
The Graham Norton Show — This is technically only still on my DVR because all attempts to delete it off haven’t worked. I rewatch the eps with the guests I love (essentially, anyone from Doctor Who.)
Parenthood — This show I fast-forward through a lot. I’ll play W.E.L.D.E.R. with full concentration when I have it on, and mainly keep it around for background noise UNTIL something awesome and moving and riveting happens that makes me weep on the couch with Braverman emotion. Also, the music is awesome.
Happy Endings — This is probably the strongest written comedy of any of the shows I watch (I don’t watch 30 Rock or Parks and Rec regularly, so back off.) and the ensemble cast works really well. I hope it keeps enough viewers to stay around awhile. They have a lot of one liners that are blink and you’ll miss them, but they’re lol-worthy when you catch them. (Like literal LOL, not just proverbial.)
Modern Family — Great all around, hasn’t skipped a beat.
Raising Hope — This is like chicken pot pie. Great on a Tuesday night, but not anything to write home about. I wish they’d quit grossing out with the Cloris Leachman stuff, but hey.
Once Upon a Time — SO CAMPY. I love it.
Grey’s Anatomy — Yep. I’m one of the reasons this damn show is still on the air. I just can’t quit it. They’ve made some improvement lately, and it still makes me bawl on the couch, which for whatever cruel reason, is passing as entertainment lately.

And the two newest contenders for a full-time slot:

Alcatraz — Watched the two-episode premiere last night. This has potential. I was the biggest LOST fan, so having JJ Abrams and Hurley back together makes me pretty hopeful.
The Fades — The new BBC America horror/comedy. It’s scary and funny, like the original Being Human (why that needed to be remade into an American version, I’ll never know.) but with a Skins-like cast in age. Actually, Posh Kenneth is in it come to think of it.

That’s it. That’s what’s keeping my occupied on these long nights. That, and keeping up with the forums at Television Without Pity and AV Club. What am I missing? What’s your not-miss show?

11 thoughts on “TEEE VEEE

  1. LarryL

    Im still Breaking Bad. Somehow still can’t get away from the lure of the darkness. And, still trying to get a good use out of Netflix.

  2. erin

    Did The Fades get better? I slogged through the first two episodes and turned it off, but it seemed like it really had potential.

    I’m getting back on the Downton Abbey horse as well, even if the roommate thinks I have weird taste.

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    1. admin Post author

      I started that show and got sucked in at first, but then missed a whole bunch of eps and decided to let it be. Maybe I’ll do a marathon later…


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