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Harmony, Sweet Harmony

So I go and drop an “I’m pregnant!” bomb on my blog and then leave it alone for almost a month. That’s just wrong.

In the past month of high-speed crazy, there’s been a fantastic Thanksgiving, a visit from the British Woodroffe clan, lots of moisturizing, lots of go-go-going and not nearly enough sleep.

It’s been a blast though. I’ve got no complaints about a single thing in this wonderful life. So there’s that.

(Okay, so I can’t fit into anything I own and I’m pretty much living in leggings and big shirts and I can’t sleep on my tummy anymore. I could complain about all that, but … nah.)

I’m off to Dallas with the Woodies for a long weekend. I’m leaving this photo of a page in Brenner’s Minvera’s Wreck that’s a quote from the über-talented Roy Danger here to remind me to live in each moment.

Because that’s all we have in our youth. We can’t use up all our memories now, elsewise what will we have to push us through those golden years?

(There’s a photo I can’t find of Minerva’s Wreck. ABOUT NOSTALGIA.)

“Starts like fascination…

… ends up like a trance.”

I really, really should back off the Costello binge. Clearly.


I spent Memorial Day in a three-day intensive improv workshop at The Hideout with a kick-ass group of mostly strangers learning more about how to unlearn, and working with narrative improv structure.

Was it exhausting — both mentally and physically? Yes. By Tuesday I had very little left to give, but since I had my regular (though, still snafued) Coldtowne class and the Improv Collective mixer that night, I gave it anyway.

Was it BRILLIANT? Yes. Yes times fifty million. I’m still trying to process all the notes and direction. And because I have the mental retention of a gnat, I keep going back to the notes to remind myself of all the things I need to remember (and need to remember to forget).

I’ve spent this week trying to re-up my energy levels (failing miserably at it, mind you) and spending more cash in co-pays than I’d like. I’m going to have more, much more I hope, to scribble about next week, as I’ve got a list to check off and getting more ink in my vodka is damn near at the top.

Where’s the Beef?

Yeah, so …

When I was taking all those brain-surgery meds I wasn’t hungry at all. AT ALL. So I became super obsessed with food. Now that I’m downcycling/spiraling back to normal, my appetite is returning. My incredible obsession and affair with all things cooking and food is starting to wane a bit.

Which may mean this blog might revert back to a HI RANDOM, HI blog. Or, not.

Not sure yet.

Something awesome I want to talk about? Improv. I’ve been taking classes at Coldtowne and it’s been a blast. I’m learning a ton of things and interacting onstage and getting my feet wet with everything and even though I NEVER WANT TO TALK ABOUT DISHWASHING AGAIN (Oh man, such a bad choke moment) I’ve never loved the magic of Groupon more.

Something else? We closed on my childhood home on Friday. My cord to Cove, NEVER TO BE CUT. We’ll be renting it out soon. Extra awesome.

SXSW around the corner. Jazz Fest lineup released tonight at midnight.

Springtime around the corner. That’s what’s up.

Here’s a photo that expresses the happy. (In England, Christmas hat on. And yes, I wear the shit out of this sweater.)