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Right now…

My niece is in the delivery room. Her mother is holding one hand and her husband is holding the other. She’s in pain. So much so that my mother, her grandmother, left the room to catch her breath. Her voice was shaking on the phone. That feeling, that heart-in-your-throat feeling, passed through the phone and I know with absolute certainty she’d do anything to take that pain away. The first-born daughter of her first-born daughter, dealing with all of the anxiety and pain of bringing her own first-born love into this world.

My heart right now is wrenched up so tight in my throat for my sister. She’s always been the strongest one of us three. And she has to take all of that strength and be a pillar for her daughter. Sitting next to her, listening to her little girl cry. She’s no doubt trying to channel all that pain from her daughter’s body from that little hand she’s holding into her big, strong heart. I remember when it was her, bringing Lisa into the world. I was a kid, too young to really get it, but I remember how beautiful and exhausted my big sister was when we were finally allowed in the room. And how thrilled my brother-in-law was. And how peaceful and tiny my niece looked, swaddled up in the nursery.

It doesn’t seem like two and half decades. Not one bit.

And then there’s her husband, Patrick. He’s fresh from Afghanistan, just in time to be a father. Thank god, all the gods, everywhere that he’s here today. His little boy gets born here in a matter of minutes and he gets to be here for it. In times like these, in a world like this, that’s such a blessing.

I’m sending all of them all the strength and hope and love I can muster. I just got a text message from my mother that Lisa is still pushing. She’ll be done soon. Done and exhausted and thrilled and overwhelmed by the beautiful, amazing, newest member of our tribe.


I love this holiday. I love getting together with my entire family (the 9 of us) and listening to the old Jackson 5 Christmas reel to reel and watching old family videos and eating tamales and bbq and opening a gazillion presents and the Cowboys game and playing poker and drinking margaritas until we’re laughing so hard we’re crying.

This year my love joined us (him + sister’s ex inlaws = 12 this year) and had himself an old fashioned Mexican Christmas. He brought the Christmas Pudding (totally fruit cake) and gargantuan poinsettia and massive gift basket for Mom and gifts for the girls and we showed him just how many tamales it was safe to eat in one sitting. He’s awesome. My family just loves him to pieces. Even my ex brother in law’s parents (who spend xmas with us, irregardless of their son no longer being family) love him. And who wouldn’t? He’s done everything in his power to make the suck part of the last couple of weeks almost non-existent. (I’ll get to posting about the suck part soon enough.)

As for my love, I got him an hour 4 hand massage and full body dry brush. Yep. 2 therapists for one hour of drooling bliss. That, and some English food stuffs and cds. He, via Santa, got me a bad ass iPod (one of the Red ones that give a portion of profits to AIDS research) engraved with “Blame it on the Bossa Nova…” (cause he rocks), the new Tori Amos Box Set (which I burned to said iPod today), the X-men trilogy, amazing japanese incense, full home spa kit, bath salts and a Suduko pen. Spoils me, he does.

And Santa, via my family, finally got me a sewing machine. I say finally, because I’ve been asking for one for years and my mom has always said no and spouted off some old spinster superstition. This year they all went in and got an awesome one. Tomorrow I’m meeting my sisters for a sewing session. We’re making curtains and I’m going to try not to sew my finger into it. The parents also got me the Tori Amos box set. And my sister and I got one for my niece. Lots of Tori box sets under the tree this year. Make up and candles and panties and socks and clothes and lip gloss. Do they know me or what?

I’m back in Austin now. We watched X-Men and got Chinese takeout and snuggled up on the couch. He’s been at my house for 2 days and we’re not allowed PDA in the parent’s house (yeah, yeah, I’m 30 and could technically do what I want, but it’s about respect for my Father, yo!) soooooo it feels like weeks since we’ve been able to get all snuggified. I’m enjoying it.

Actually, I’m going to go enjoy more of it now.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I’ll be thinking about you come new year. (And don’t forget – 007 party for the new years!)