Grosser than gross…

So I’m driving to work when a massive coughing fit hits me. Remember that I’m just getting over a cold and I’m in the disgusting coughing up the crap in my lungs stage. I can’t swallow, and I’m not near a bathroom, so I roll down the window and SPIT.

I don’t know what’s worse. The fact that it came right back and smacked me in the face before landing firmly on the side of my vehicle, or that the near 100 degree day baked it to a crisp on the side of my truck in the 1.2 minutes it took to arrive at work.

This is the quintessential Monday.

4 thoughts on “Grosser than gross…

  1. archiedavis

    when i think that maybe i post too much information, and fixate on disgusting bodily excretions too much, or maybe have too many encounters with them in day to day life, i only have to read your posts and i realize i am not alone.

    and a tip of the hat for it.


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