Corrin over at Oh Hey, What’s Up? just wrote a post about what our desks look like. Since mine at home is currently being used as a catch-all for Christmas presents, random baby things and quite possibly a winning lottery ticket, you get to see what I stare at every day at work.

I recently traded in my desk chair for a comfy chair with an ottoman (it’s the pregnancy chair, and it gets passed around from expectant mom to expectant mom) so I snapped a triage of what my workspace looks like from the comfort of it.

Now, mind you, I JUST cleaned it up. I’m posting it here mostly so that Corrin shakes her head in my general direction.

What does YOURS look like?

4 thoughts on “Desktop

  1. Corrin

    First, I am so impressed with your panorama.

    Second, may I offer you a Clorex disinfecting wipe?

    Just kidding! I see clear desk space, that’s a good thing!


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